The East Coast Ski Club was founded in the Hawkes Bay in 1984. It has a membership of just over 130 members and was set up to provide a supportive environment for those wishing to engage in the sports of skiing, snow boarding, tramping, fishing, mountaineering, mountain biking and all forms of general outdoor recreational sports, summer and winter.

We are governed by a volunteer committee who run the club in accordance with our Constitution

The lodge sleeps 20 in set beds.

Advantages of the East Coast Ski Club:

  • You can gain access on a 24 / 7 basis. Many huts up the mountain have to be accessed during the lift operating hours and have restricted access at other times.
  • You can park your vehicle at the door. No lugging of gear (and with skiing there is a lot of gear) to your hut.
  • You can ski both sides of the mountain depending on the weather and snow conditions
  • You have access to other activities during inclement weather.
  • There are several bars and restaurants for apr├Ęs ski activities.
  • The club is well set up with:
    • Two ovens
    • Two dishwashers
    • Drying room with dehumidifier
    • Washing machine
    • Large lounge with fire
    • TV lounge
    • Large dining room
    • Each bedroom has four bunk beds
    • Ski work area
  • Easy access to three ski rental and ski retail shops without queues.
  • National Park is a great base for tramping outside the winter season.
  •  You can find out more about the club in our Constitution